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The Final Straw - War on Plastics

As you all know RAOK is a non profit that promotes overall kindness and wellness within our community from animal welfare, environmental education, community clean up to school support. ic

When we started this mission years ago our primary concern was animal welfare, our deepest passion. Today we learned about Christina Figgener the woman behind the plastic straw movement. I wanted to share this video with our fellow do gooders to hopefully inspire you to help make smart decisions when it comes to overall consumption and environmental care. Christina is an inspiration and a guiding light.

It's true that the overall issue is much bigger than straws but we have to start somewhere and she has led the way. Below are some percentages for you to think about. We have an issue in the U.S. It's nothing compared to our other global partners but if we do what we can you could save one sea animal from enduring the pain that the turtle in this video must have been through. Do good things and be a good person #DoGoodBeGood

2%: The amount of mismanaged plastics in the US. This includes litter ending up on streets, in rivers, storm drains etc.

10%: The amount of plastic that is recycled in the US according to the EPA

67%: The amount of plastic entering the ocean every year from rivers in Asia

For more in-depth information check out the Science Vs. podcast. ​

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