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Beyond bucks: 10 ways to make a difference

Hey there kindness givers!

Many times when I'm working with a new friends that have found a colony of feral cats or even just one cat they feel obligated to donate. We understand this is just not possible for everyone and we want to encourage alternate ways to donate to our cause and other local animal shelters.

1. Towels

2. Wet & Dry Cat Food

3. Cat carriers

4. Wildlife traps

5. Non clumping litter

6. Liter Boxes & Disposable Liter boxes

7. Liter box liners

8. Cat toys

9. Cat collars - for those that we rehome

10. Your Time!

We know and appreciate the effort and time it takes for anyone to participate in any of our projects. We are all very busy and the reassurance that there are other do-gooders out there that want to help at all is sufficient donation!

#helping #donations

Random Acts Of Kindess

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